3:16 Paintings on Cardboard

09 Aug

It occurred to me that to get round any copyright issues regarding using pictures with the interviews I might do some pictures of my own. So a few months ago I did that. I do them on cardboard boxes I take from nearby recycling bins and from the front of shops and people's houses. I scavange by night usually, although sometimes in broad daylight too. The big boxes for fridges and cookers are the best but I take whatever I can find. Here's a pile. 

I'll put together a little exhibition below. I'll be using them with future interviews, if I haven't done so already.  Having said that, some of them are probably not suitable. Interviewees might be a little put out if their carefully worked through interview responses were introduced with an image like this:

So here are photos of them! Unfortunately the actual paintings are too big to store indoors and being cardboard they can't be left outside. So they'll eventually return to the recycling bins. 

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